I am super excited about this one. Little old me has been given the most amazing opportunity to join 29 other bloggers in an amazing 2 week trip to Kerala India. I’ve been shortlisted with over 100 other bloggers to be in with the opportunity of winning this trip. But I need your help. In order to make it to the final 30 I need votes.


Why is this important to me? 

Apart from the amazing experience of 2 weeks in India I’m not looking for a free holiday. This trip has far more meaning to me. Those of you that know me and have read a little of my story know that I have suffered terribly for the last 17 years with Lyme disease including almost dying of heart failure due to the bacteria damaging my heart muscle. By pushing myself everyday I managed to live some semblance of a life albeit in pain for most of that time. About 6 years ago shortly after meeting the man of my dreams Mr. Lavin my jaw had become so damaged by the bacteria that I required surgery to break and widen my jaw daily over a 2 month period. You can imagine how traumatic that was to an already weakened immune system and my body finally said alright now I’ve had enough and gave up. I wasn’t able to keep my career as a medical scientist that I had spent 5 years in college studying for and instead swapped my life for one of extreme pain unable to leave my bed with over 100 daily symptoms and regular paralysis. My lovely Mr.Lavin often had to carry me where I needed to go and spoon feed me because I didn’t have the strength to hold a spoon.


Needless to say life was pretty miserable and I wasn’t sure how long I could continue like that. Fortunately a very good friend of mine was determined to get me help and she and my family fundraised tirelessly to raise the money that I needed for a revolutionary stem cell treatment in Germany that would begin to restore my immune system and undo most of the damage caused by 17 years of lyme disease.


The upshot is that I’m getting my life back and I’m determined to never take life for granted again and make every moment count! After years spent confined to my bedroom I want to see the world. Really see it and soak it in.  You will never meet a girl who will appreciate it more.


This trip is not just a holiday to me it represents me getting my independence back. For the last few years I couldn’t do a single thing without Mr. Lavin but now I’m ready to step out into the world and really enjoy it.  I can’t wait to write about this experience and share it all with you and every word will come from my heart and from a girl who was given a second chance at life and is not looking back.


If you could give me your vote it would literally mean the world to me. If I get to meet an actual real life elephant there will be tears!!

There are a few steps to voting to ensure that it is fair.

To vote:

1. Click my link

2. Click Join Now

3. Register as a voter by entering your name, email address and select a password. ( No other information is needed )

4. Click enteries.

5. Search Nicola ( Lavin from Ireland I’m wearing my trusty yellow cardigan)

6. Vote now and you will make me one happy redhead.