My must have travel accessories. Read now on

My must have travel accessories

I have been so lucky this year to be able to go and explore some amazing places. I have always enjoyed putting together a certain look for my travels and usually try to adapt it to suit where I’m going. I must be the only person in the world to simply adore packing and getting ready for a trip is one of the most exciting things in the world to me. I have built up a collection of my must have travel accessories that I am just dying to share with you.

Olympus Pen E-PL8

Mr. Lavin always says that myself and my camera are glued together. I don’t go anywhere without it. It’s no secret that this blog has grown out of the support and following I have received for my photograph’s on instagram and I just love capturing the details of my travels on camera.

I’m not going to lie, the first thing that made me put this camera to the top of my list was how pretty it looked. I still swoon over the vintage retro look of this camera and that is why it makes it to my list of travel accessories. The Olympus E-PL8 is my personal muse and inspires me to take photographs. Simply put it is the IT piece of the year. I wear it proudly as a fashion accessory but it is obviously much more than that.

The modern design merges easy functionality with classic curves and leather tone surfaces with contrasting high quality metal that make the E-PL8 shine. Straps from Olympus’ Fashion Accessory Collection that match the body colour will make this professional camera an accessory you will adore and others will desire.

This mirrorless camera can be used for both photographs and videos combined and even has a flip down screen for those selfie queens out there. It is super easy to use and is more or less self-explanatory. The best thing about it is that it has built-in WiFi so, by simply downloading the Olympus app on your phone you can immediately share your photos or videos directly from your camera onto your phone. I would be absolutely lost without my Olympus E-PL8.

My must have travel accessories. Olympus pen E-PL8

My must have travel accessories. Olympus pen E-PL8

Holzkern Watch

Nothing can glam up an outfit quicker than a nice watch and they don’t come much more glam than this one. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to get my hands on my very first Holzkern watch and I was super impressed.

Holzkern watches are an Austrian brand and are far more than mere timepieces. Each watch is manufactured by hand from high quality wood and stone.  Due to the unique texture inherent to each piece of wood and stone, it is ensured that each watch will be a one-of-a-kind, natural specimen.

One of the reasons I love Holzkern so much is their dedication to giving back to nature. Not only are their watches made from predominately natural sources they are also very charitable. They donate €1 for every watch sold to reforestation projects in Nicaragua or toward the employment of people with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities. Their watches also come packaged in environmentally friendly wooden boxes to keep your watch safe for years to come.

I chose the Snowstorm (Amaranth/Obsidian) from their women’s range. I like my watches fairly big with a more masculine style face so I just fell in love with this one but they do have a whole range of sizes and colours on their site. The snowstorm is a chronographic model with a dial made of snowflake obsidian, a bezel and band accents made of amaranth, and a case of silver stainless steel. It goes with literally every outfit I have and I just love how close to nature I feel wearing this piece.

If you want to check them out you can do so here and be sure to use the discount code ROSALILLA15 to get 15% off your very own Holzkern watch.

My must have travel accessories. Snowstorm watch by Holzkern watches.

Snowstorm by Holzkern watches

Straw Bali Bag

I have been drooling over these gorgeous round straw bags from Bali for a while now. There are many high street versions of them but the quality is often not good, so I was determined to research where to get a high quality brand. I came across Wovensand, whose website screams of summer and tropical islands that make us want to stay forever. I wanted my own little piece of paradise so I ordered the Bella Straw Bag.

Woven together from strands of forest grass found in eastern Bali, the Bella Straw Bag comes from Tenganan village, known for its fine basketry. The details of the Bella Straw Bag are so intricate that they can take up to one month to be handcrafted. It is fully lined with coloured Batik fabric, a traditional material from the Indonesian island of Java. I brought this bag everywhere with me on my recent travels to add style easily to my wardrobe.

You can order your own Bella Bag for €60 or shop the collection here.

My must have travel accessories. Bali straw bag from Wovensand.

Bella Straw Bag from Wovensand

My must have travel accessories. Bali straw bag from Wovensand.

The gorgeous flowers at Sezane L’Appartement

Storksak Cabin Carry-on

I hadn’t really thought much about luggage as a priority or indeed a fashion accessory until I was given the Storksak cabin carry-on bag to try out. First off this bag is super stylish and made of the highest quality. It has a wipe clean and water-resistant outer fabric and inner lining because we all know that yes shampoo bursting inside your bag is the most annoying thing when travelling.

It is the little details that stood out to me the most about this bag and it was obviously designed with the frequent traveller in mind. The stitching stands out as being of the highest quality. There are webbing handles with a leather trim and plastic piping to protect the corners of the bag. The leather details, including a detachable tag, give it that extra chic style that I mentioned.

The most impressive thing is when you open the bag and see the new approach to travel that Storksak are trying to achieve. They are thinking about you the traveller and have included a seriously handy fold away hanging organiser that comes inside the bag.  You simply remove the hanging organiser and hang in on a rail in your hotel wardrobe using the velcro tubular loop or attach it to a hook. The shelves are removable for versatile packing options and it means NO MORE UNPACKING!!! You can leave your clothes folded.

There is also a small packing block provided with mesh top for breathability and these are perfect for small items. You would be amazed how many rolled up T-shirts that you can fit in there. This bag also makes the most stylish accessory which is why it makes the list of my must have travel accessories.

You can read the full review of my round-up of the best carry-on luggage for your travels here

The best luggage for travelling. The Storksak cabin carry on luggage with packing blocks.

Ray-Ban aviators

A quality pair of sunnies are always top of my list of accessories to bring with me while travelling. My favourite brand is Ray-Ban. Originally designed for U.S. Aviators in 1937, Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses offer iconic styling with exceptional quality, performance and style. I always choose polarized shades for extra eye protection and I love the timeless retro 70’s feel of the brown and gold pair that I just can’t live without.

My must have travel accessories. The classic Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses.

You never find me without my classic Ray-Ban aviators.

Bold Tuesday Colour Me In Map

Ok. So this is not technically a travel accessory. It is more of a travel related home accessory and I love nothing more than coming home from a trip and colouring in the new country that I have visited.

Bold Tuesday design unique world maps and travel posters so that you can keep track of every place and country you have visited and remind yourself of all you have seen.

It makes for some gorgeous home decor and I love nothing more than sitting on my couch on a Sunday, glass of red wine in hand, looking at all the places I’ve been to and planning my next adventure.

These posters are the highest quality and make such a great gift for travellers. You can get 15% off with the code ROSALILLA15 when you shop at Bold Tuesday

So where’s next?

My must have travel accessories. Bold Tuesday colour in map.

Until next time you crazy kids!

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My must have travel accessories. Read now on

My must have travel accessories. Read now on

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My must have travel accessories. Read now on

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